Monday, April 27, 2009

Requirements, Events, Photoshoot and Sickness

+ [Tuesday, April 21 ]

I need a medical certificate and a notarized waiver and permit!

The pedia of my kids doesn't have a clinic schedule on a Tuesday, and this means visiting a nearby clinic so my kids can be issued a medical certificate. I got their certificates without any hassle at all. Before lunch time, I received a call reminding me to have the waiver and the work permit notarized. Good thing that mama is also having some documents notarized. We dropped by the notary public before heading to the office.

I was not feeling well that afternoon and I could hardly eat that night.

+ [Wednesday, April 22]

I need to attend the DOLE seminar!

I asked my husband to accompany me today as I already have a slight fever. At 9:00 a.m, we met Lolita at McDonald's and went to DOLE to for the requirements and the seminar. There I've met the other moms as well.
I slept throughout the afternoon. I am too worried of my pending
Odesk assignments.

+ [Thursday, April 23]

I need to rest and prepare our things!

I didn't get to work today. My head fells slightly heavy everytime I check on my emails and use the PC. I checked the list for the things that we need to bring for tomorrow's shoot... clothes, shoes and accessories. I dropped by Landmark department store in the afternoon to buy tops and slippers for Skylah and Brent. Good thing I was in the area, and I decided to claim my free David Sedaris book from Powerbooks Greenbelt.

No breakfast and no lunch as my throat still hurts. I've only took a large size of Fruit Magic's body cleanser on my way home.

+ [Friday, April 24]

This is the big day!

Call time is at 11 am and we were there just 10 minutes after 11! We took breakfast before the makeup session. The photoshoot starts at around 1 pm. I was really thankful that my kids didn't have any tantrums expecially Brent who's not really fond of smiling at the camera. I guess our shoot just went naturally and the kids enjoyed it as well.

How I wish that the outcome would be good as it is.

+ [Saturday, April 25]

It's Barbie's birthday party!

My daughter Skylah and my sister Jalysa got invited to attend Barbie's birthday party at McDonald's El Pueblo. They were among the 50 kids who got to join the party. It was so much fun! They got to bring home prizes and a barbie doll as well. They both joined all the party games. This is the party where I've seen Skylah had so much fun!

Before the party ended, I received a text message from Powerbooks that my Powercard is already available. Since we were near the area we decided to get my Powercard!

Good thing that I am feeling fine today with lesser pain in my throat.

+ [Sunday, April 26]

I need to relax but I still have an event to attend to!

This time, the event is for me. My sis, our friend Rose and me, participated in
Power Plant Mall's Weekend of Fitness. We took part in the Pulse Yoga class. It was just a 1-hour session but we all felt good afterwards. After the yoga class, we claimed our free pair of Havaianas! How's that for a great day? A free yoga class and a free flipflops as well!

This had been a great weekend after all. Blessings really comes in great ways. No matter how sick or tired I am, I had managed to be at all these events and accomplish what needs to be done. This just proves how important my health is and the happiness of my family.


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