Saturday, March 7, 2009

Goodbye to the Master Rapper Francis M

Time might have stopped for a few seconds and people I knew was shocked when we’ve learned of the demise of Francis Magalona this afternoon. It is so sad knowing that he’s only 44 and yes, people believe that he still have so much to give. But then, time had come when he had to say goodbye. God heard his plea and took away his pain. Like everyone else, I share in remembering him. He is indeed a great man, leaving behind a legacy … his talent, his music, his contribution to the entertainment industry, his patriotism and his love for his family.

From his blog entries, he had shared his battle with leukemia and his upcoming album “The Sickos Project”. He was supposed to guest in Eraserheads' Final Set concert, which will take place tomorrow March 7, at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. But now, they will be dedicating the concert for him. This is really sad.

May your soul rest in peace.


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