Monday, March 2, 2009

Rockwell Powerplant Scavenger Hunt

We participated in Rockwell Powerplant Mall Scavenger Hunt. So great that we even got the chance to be included in the First 10 teams who pre-registered which had entitled us to receive a gift certificate from CIBO and exemption from 3 challenges!

Each team were given a Scavenger Hunt Kits containing the map of the R3 store. Our team is composed of me & Skylah, Omar & Brent, Ayie/Tela & Ekay, and Rose & Colai. We went to each store randomly and complete the challenges.

1. Q Power Station – look for a tag scattered around the place. Lucky if you get a bonus prize that contains a free power station card load… and we did! 2. Kidz Station – pick and answer the question related to toys and famous characters. We love this! Brent get to answer "Ben 10", his favorite character; and Colai get to answer "Optimus Prime", his favorite character as well!
3. Fun Rides – the challenge is similar to Q power station where you have look for a tag scattered around the place.

4. Build City – use the legos to build and spell your name

5. Powermac – find the location of the 6 Powermac logos

6. Tutoring Club – the kids get to answer the question given to them. The attendant had a hard time finding a question suitable for Brent who’s only 3 years old

7. Picture & Co. – the kids get to enter in the mini-tunnel-like entrance, squeeze the frog and find the cow inside the store
8. Cibo – burst a balloon and answer a question related to Cibo’s. We get to answer the size of Cibo's bread, the number of tables at Cibo and the number of chairs (this is hard!)9. Orange Juice – get to balance an orange in your head

10. Spin – get to balance a ball in your head
11. Lulubelle – our last stop: color the lulubelle mascot and claim your free yogurt!

We only need to complete 8 challenges, but since the kids are having fun we all decided to do all the 11 challenges! It was such a fun and exciting event. The kids get to claim their prize afterwards. Indeed, we all had a blast!


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