Tuesday, October 20, 2015

UN School Celebration: Around the World with Aladdin

Its United Nations month - this means another busy two weeks for my kids (and their whole school). Everyone is preoccupied with practicing their dance performances, getting their costumes ready, decorating their assigned booths, finalizing their video presentations, and a lot more. Seems like another exciting school program!

This holistic learning experience is what my kids are experiencing... which I am glad they do.

[Look back]
Last 2014, was United Nations' founding anniversary. Their school celebrated it in a spectacular way. A UN celebration where dance performances were woven into a stage play of the Disney film, Aladdin.

Around the World with Aladdin, Disney movie, Aladdin costume, Jasmine costume, UN presentation
Aladdin and Jasmine on the magic carpet singing "A Whole New World"
Let these photos bring you on a journey around the world. Enjoy!

Spain costume, UN costume, dance costume
my son and niece as Spanish dancers
United Nation costume, dance costumes, Macarena dance, Asereje dance step
do the Macarena and Asereje dance 
Indian costume, Indian makeup look
my daughter and her BFF in their Indian-inspired look
Jaiho dance step, Indian dance, Indian costume
Indian - Jaiho dancers in action
UN costume, dance costume, African look
seriously cute African dancers
Japanese fan dancer, Japan costume
pretty Japanese fan dancer
Japanese dance, UN program
Japanese dancers
Korean costume, Kpop look, Kpop song
going modern in their K-pop dance number

Chinese dragon dance, China costume, United Nations costume
Chinese dragon dance
cowboy costume, USA country western dance, UN program
USA country western dance number
Mexico dancer, Mexican look, Mexico costume
presenting - Mexico!
Jamaica costume, Jamaica dance, United Nation costume
lively Jamaican inspired dance 
United Nations costume
beautiful parade of costumes by the preschoolers