Friday, April 24, 2015

RAVE Pasig adventure experience

It's the first time that we got to explore Rainforest Adventure Experience Park (RAVE) Pasig considering that we live just minutes away from the park.

RAVE is previously known as Pasig Rainforest Park. This public park offers lots of attractions, amenities, fun and adventure to everyone.

Entrance to the park is free. You just have to pay entrance fees to some of the park facilities you want to explore. Pasigueños with valid IDs - government issued IDs, students’ and company ID’s - can enjoy discounted rates.

RAVE-pasig-rainforest-entrance,RAVE, Pasig-rainforest, RAVE-entrance-fee, RAVE-location

My family spend our time in the Butterfly Pavilion, Mini Zoo, Flower Fields and aMaze Garden.

So here we go!

Butterfly Pavilion
Pasigueños - P20.00
Non-Pasigueños - P30.00

Inside the butterfly house.

RAVE-pasig-butterfly, RAVE, Pasig-rainforest, RAVE-entrance-fee, RAVE-location
that black butterfly :)
The grotto of "Our Lady of Mediatrix"

RAVE-pasig-rainforest, RAVE, Pasig-rainforest, RAVE-entrance-fee, RAVE-location

Mini Zoo
Pasigueños - P20.00
Non-Pasigueños - P30.00

Sad that our photos inside the Mini Zoo got corrupted. But to name a few, we saw an ostrich, carabaos, crocodiles, ducks, turtles, snakes and birds.

Flower Fields

Enjoying the beauty of the flowers inside the flower park.

RAVE-pasig-park, RAVE, Pasig-rainforest, RAVE-entrance-fee, RAVE-location

RAVE-pasig-flower-field, RAVE, Pasig-rainforest, RAVE-entrance-fee, RAVE-location

aMaze Garden

Finding our way inside the garden maze.

RAVE-pasig-garden, RAVE, Pasig-rainforest, RAVE-entrance-fee, RAVE-location

Reaching the tower.

RAVE-pasig-garden-tower, RAVE, Pasig-rainforest, RAVE-entrance-fee, RAVE-location

The view on top of the tower.


Mini Train
Pasigueños - P20.00
Non-Pasigueños - P30.00

Kids would surely love to take a tour around the entire park.

RAVE-pasig-train-station-fee, RAVE, Pasig-rainforest

Adventure Park

This is for the more adventurous ones. It's where you can try wall climbing, ziplining, rappelling, BMXing, skateboarding, and running obstacle courses. We'll visit this next time.

RAVE-adventure-park, RAVE, Pasig-rainforest, RAVE-entrance-fee, RAVE-location
our next adventure!

Wall Climbing
Pasigueños - P100.00
Non-Pasigueños - P150.00

Pasigueños - P100.00
Non-Pasigueños - P150.00

Obstacle Course
Pasigueños - P50.00
Non-Pasigueños - P100.00

Skate park
Pasigueños - P50.00
Non-Pasigueños - P100.00

Waterpark Pools

The most visited area at RAVE. We didn't take a peek inside but I'm sure it's jampacked with people wanting to beat the heat.

Swimming Pool Entrance rates:
Adult - P100.00
Children 3ft below - P50.00
Adult - P150.00
Children 3ft below - P100.00

There's also a Boating Lagoon, Playground, Fitness Center, and a lot more. Pavilions for private events and gatherings, and Picnic Huts, can be rented for a fee.


Mayor Maribel Eusebio surely made sure that RAVE is a great place to enjoy, stay fit and unwind with family and friends.

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We enjoyed our simple rainforest adventure!

camping grounds


Check out RAVE website.
*2015 Rates from RAVE Facebook page.

Rainforest Adventure Experience Park 
F. Legaspi St. Maybunga, Pasig City


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