Thursday, October 9, 2014

FREE flight ticket to Mars from NASA

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My boarding pass to Mars :)

Here's your chance to take part in NASA's Journey to Mars. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is giving away FREE tickets to Mars via the Orion spacecraft.

You can now send your name to Mars!

Sign up HERE to get your free space tickets. Just enter your name, country, postal code, and email address.

You'll get a personalized "flight ticket" just like the one I have. Cool spacey idea!

#Orion #JourneyToMars

Get your "boarding pass" now! Deadline for submitting your name for the Orion mission is on October 31. The first flight of Orion spacecraft (which will eventually transport humans to the Red Planet) will launch on December 4.

Well, this is NASA's effort to create more public interest in its space exploration program. If we can't step foot on the Red Planet, at least our names can fly on future NASA exploration flights and missions to Mars.

Space fans, astronaut-wannabees and kids would surely love this!


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