Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Total Girl mom to the rescue

I was asked to share my input for the August 2014 issue of Total Girl magazine. I'm a TG Mom to the Rescue!

August 2014 cover Janella Salvador

The tween's problem about home-school:
I've been home-schooled my whole life.I tell my parents that I still want to be home-schooled to make them happy, but the truth is that I'm actually not. I want to tell my parents that I want to go to a regular school for a change and enroll in the school of my choice, but I'm afraid that they'll get mad at me. How do I deal?
Dear troubled teen, hope my advice helped you :)

My short advise:
I encourage you to be honest and talk with them. Discuss but never argue. Tell them that you're grateful for being home-schooled. Let them know how you feel, what your concerns are or what you want to experience.
Communication usually leads to better discovery. You'll never know unless you voice it out. Still, whatever decision your family makes, keep an open mind. If they say “No”, accept it. Stay positive with hopes that they'll think about it and reconsider soon. Keep the faith! - TG Mom Czaroma
Here's the TG to the Rescue page:

Teens (and mommies with teens), if you are facing a tough situation at home, in school or with your friends, you can tell Total Girl magazine about it. Just send an email at helpTG@totalgirl.com.ph

You can get real advice from TG expert, TG ate, TG pal, TG mom and TG dad. They'll hear your problems and share some advice too.

Isn't that cool?


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