Friday, December 13, 2013

Barbie Live! The Musical

Get your sparkle on!


My daughter and my niece definitely enjoyed seeing the world’s favorite doll – Barbie together with her friends in a lively musical production.


A simple yet valuable production that kids and adults can definitely relate to. The show encourages goodness and being a friend to others.

The story follows Barbie and her best friend Teresa during the filming of a new movie, set in a Hollywood sound stage.

Teresa is insecure about her acting abilities and doubts her talent. To make it challenging, their co-star Raquel wants to steal Teresa’s role in the movie. Barbie rescues Teresa and takes her on a tour through time to boost her confidence.


Barbie uses lessons from her movies “Swan Lake," "Barbie the Mariposa" and "Princess and the Popstar" to teach Teresa how to conquer her fears. In the end, Teresa gains confidence and believe in herself and her abilities

get your sparkle on!

It’s a lively story of true friendship and the journey towards self-confidence. Audience surely realized the importance to face their fears and do what they love.

The stage, music, choreography, lighting and of course the cast are really amazing! The costumes are indeed glam, and the lighting and set designs are all spectacular.

Girls, Barbie fans and even adults had a great time with the upbeat songs such as "Look How High We Can Fly," "Just Be A Friend," and "Get Your Sparkle On."

girls were in awe seeing this beautiful room :)

It’s also enjoyable to see the cast interact with the audience.


This is indeed a must-see show!

Barbie cast

They also have a Meet-and-Greet event after the show for Php 1,500. It's a fundraising affair for the benefit of Yolanda survivors  which comes with the show’s souvenir program.

Barbie Live! The Musical runs until Dec 15 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Thank you Inquirer Libre for the tickets! 


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I loved barbie as a kid and i still check out the new dolls :) Hi dear!
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