Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ballet Philippines' A Christmas Carol

Our Christmas Season started by watching Ballet Philippines' A Christmas Carol at the CCP.

This ballet show, choreographed by Ms. Edna Froilan is based on Charles Dickens' popular novel, A Christmas Carol.

What I love about it is the modern twist and fresh approach on the novel and ballet dance. Both the music and choreography are excellent!

Combining classical ballet, contemporary dance and hip hop is such a genius idea! Its unique and cool concept kept us interested throughout the show. The dancers, even the little kids, are amazing as always.

Despite the grim theme of ghosts and loss, the show is far from being dull.

It will bring you as Ebenezer Scrooge journey through the past, the present and the future to find the spirit of Christmas.

The Ghost of Christmas Past brought him to his boyhood days, the delight of seeing his sister Fran, up to the day he was sent to be an apprentice at a warehouse. In Fezziwig's warehouse, he found happiness, friendship and love... but turned to bitterness after breaking off with Belle because of this chase for wealth.

with the Ghost of Christmas Past
The arrival of the Ghost of Christmas Present in his lively Christmas tree costume is such a joy (didn't get to take a photo with him after the show).

He took him to the homes of Bob Cratchit's and to his nephew Fred's. It's fun to watch the lively dance with hip-hop showdowns of the villagers.

Here, Scrooge gets to see how they had fun and celebrate the season; but gets shocked when he learned how people sees and makes fun of him.

The Ghost of Christmas Future shows him the death of Tiny Tim and his dismal future.

with the Ghost of Christmas Future
In the end, the cold-hearted Scrooge changed and rekindled his good-natured spirit. He traded his "Bah, Humbug!" with warm Christmas greetings.

See, there's still hope!

This is a must-see production.

A Christmas Carol will let you journey through sadness, comedy, hope and fear. But in the end, the spirit of the Christmas season - love, giving and sharing, rule above all.

Don't let those bad stuff and misfortunes that happened in your life be an excuse to like "Scrooge" or feel grouchy. The Christmas Season is a time to be grateful and yes, there's always a reason to celebrate.

You still have time to catch this show until December 8.

December 5: 3 PM
December 6: 10 AM & 3 PM
December 7: 6 PM
December 8: 2 PM & 6 PM


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