Friday, March 1, 2013

Printed Catalog Still Matters

It feels great to have the opportunity to work in one of the largest publishing company in the country. Even in the advent of Internet, it made me appreciate the value of printed materials such as magazines, catalogs and brochures.

Even if I could easily click online digital magazines, I still find it enjoyable to look at printed product catalogs. Imagine, I even have boxes and a bookcase filled with different magazines. I remain to be a subscriber and even buy at the bookstore from time to time. Aside from that receiving catalogs and other printed materials bring wonderful feelings too. I'm impressed with catalogs which are not only packed with great product information, but are also printed in high grade papers and great color quality. True enough, high quality catalog printing is very essential.

There have been times when I get to discover new trends and found new products while flipping through a catalog while I'm inside the salon. Same goes while doing our grocery. I never fail to check if there are offers and discounts provided in those fliers and mini catalogs.

How about you, do you still enjoy flipping through glossy print catalogs like I do?

There are still people I know who enjoy reading printed catalogs, especially those who are in the product networking business. Some are also inclined to purchasing an item they've seen in a magazine or printed catalog.

Seeing those vivid images and getting to touch and feel the glossy pages give a different feeling that an online magazine could not provide. Unlike printed catalogs which are kept for longer period, those email marketing advertisements get junked easily. It has a good chance of having flipped through on more than one sitting and being read by several household members.

Yes, printed catalog still matters. It exceeds online marketing method in terms of product depth, texture and color accuracy.

Even if more and more companies are already making use of digital catalogs and e-magazines, and more websites are offering catalog apps, businesses should still consider printed materials as part of their marketing campaign.

To make those printed catalogs more creative, engaging and effective; they can integrate interactive features such as mobile bar codes, Quick Response (QR) codes and text codes. Businesses should also include their website, Facebook page, Twitter handle and other social media pages in their fliers, catalogs and magazines.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.


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