Saturday, March 16, 2013

Help Veterans by Donating Your Car

Most of us have things that we have already outgrown. This could be our clothing, appliances, gadgets or even cars. What do you usually do with these old things that can still be used and are still valuable? Either you sell it, throw it, give it away to the needy or hand it over to other family members. Just like what happened before year 2012 ends. As we prepare for the big move, I had handed over several boxes of clothes, shoes and other things to our house help and threw away some which could not be used anymore. Some of my mom's appliances also went into the junk yard.

Same goes with the old white Nissan box type car that our family had for years, since no one was using it anymore. It was the car that my brother use as he started working, but since he got a company car, the car just spent days at our grandmother's house. Even my cousin used the car for quite some time. This year, the car was sold its cheapest price and had a new owner. Yes, it's still in good condition. If there are organizations that help veterans here in our country, we would have donated it instead. Helping veterans through donating a car is much better.

You can help veterans even without giving out cash or money contributions. Donating vehicles for the benefit of the veterans would help them as they move forward to civilian life. It's good that there are several non-profit organizations in the United States where they can donate their vehicles. I wonder if my uncle had already donated a car for the veterans. Maybe I'll ask him about this since their family is having a vacation here in the country.

If there's a car that you no longer need or use, you can choose to donate it instead. The best benefit it can give you is that you won't go through the hassle of finding a buyer or selling it online. Through this, you'll also avoid the hassle involved in repairing or selling the car anymore. You can look for non-profit organization that helps the veterans in the country like Vets Vehicle. They accept any kind of vehicles, farm equipment and machineries even if it is not running.


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