Friday, March 29, 2013

Best Shaving Experience For Men

School is over and I'm glad that it had been a fruitful year for my kids. They were happy and excited as they handed their Recognition Day invitation. I'm proud that both of them are awardees and would be receiving their medals. It means that we have to be there with them, go on stage and receive their medals. It's a very important event that my husband and I should not miss, even if it means taking a day off from work. Their accomplishments and achievements are something that I will always treasure. I'm really glad that I'm raising them to be happy learners and that they started on the right path.

As we prepare for the Recognition Day of our kids, I remind my husband to have a well-shaved face. It even doesn't matter if his hair also needs a cut and it rained on our way to school. Nothing is better than looking clean and presentable especially if you would be around many people. Of course, the important thing is being there with our kids and seeing the smiles on their faces.

My husband's shaving routine is pretty simple. Still, it's good that side from his weekly shaving routine, he make sure that he shaves if there are events and occasions we need to attend to. Being a low-maintenance guy, he only makes use of a good shaving razor. There are times when a plain soap and water works as well. But I know that the importance of using other shaving products that suit his skin. It's good that there are already several shaving products made for men that we can check out in the market. We can easily shop and choose shaving creams, lotions and after shave. Making use of these shaving products would give the men in our lives better shaving experience. I've got the chance to see a wooden shaving bowl with a shaving soap while browsing an online shop. These products are usually used in a traditional wet shaving process. I have no idea yet who among my family members or relatives have tried using a wooden bowl. But it seems that it also makes a good bathroom accessory.

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