Monday, February 25, 2013

Ballet Philippines' A Midsummer Night’s Dream

thanks for the tickets Special Education Philippines
My daughter and I had a wonderful time watching Ballet Philippines' A Midsummer Night’s Dream last February 16 at the CCP Theater.

It's remarkable how Ballet Philippines' gave twist to Shakespeare's timeless romantic comedy. I could not believe that it had been a light, comedy performance done with so much grace, youthful intensity and passionate movement.

I initially thought that my daughter would have a hard time appreciating this classic. Yet no matter how complicated the plot of the story may seem, glad that my daughter understood its sense somehow.

I say kudos to Hong Kong-based choreographer Carlo Pacis. The contrasts and mythical fusion between the fairies and the human characters; and the city versus the Asian fairyland forest was amazingly recreated.

I love how the multimedia screen brings a different appeal on the whole ballet production. The great costume (fairies are without wings!) and lovely music makes the whole performance truly magnificent. The whole stage and the 3D illusions were stunning.

I can commend the precise movement and the classically sensual and modern dance steps. Titania and Oberon were magnificent in all forms. Helena, a mortal who's hopelessly in-love with Demetrius (who loves someone else), was splendid. She gave a comedic appeal yet with the poise of a ballerina. Her movements were full of emotions, which would make you love her from start to finish.

Puck was mischievously funny; his movements were unpredictable, interesting and powerful. Whenever he's on stage you knew that something funny was going to happen. Love-in-Idleness flower delivers a delightful and romantic energy. Her character made me smile whenever she comes on stage with all those hand stretching and wiggling movement. It was her "juice" that made the characters fall in love with the first person they see.

Puck’s mischievous ways causes chaos to couples and brought the audience to an unforgettable romantic comedy of errors. Funny how Puck made Titania set her eyes on a man with a donkey’s head!

Yet, it's also great to see how Puck and Love-in-Idleness share a splendid adventure and how lovers are reunited in love. Everyone, including the rustics, fairy ladies and men, all deserves a round of applause.

The story ends with Oberon and Titania blessing the marriages with their solemn pas de deux, and Puck giving a heart-warming close. Bravo!

the cast

This ballet performance depicts how the silly game of love can spin us into a complicated web. The language of love and music made this ballet performance truly splendid.

daughter adores Titania :)

carried by Oberon!

there's Puck :)

I'm glad that my daughter and I were able to witness this exquisite production. It gave my daughter another great experience and a whole new appreciation for ballet.


Thank you so much Special Education Philippines, especially to Teacher Ia, for this ballet tickets. We really had a great time!


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