Friday, January 25, 2013

Shaving Kits to Look Good and Feel Better

Family affairs, gatherings and celebrations are something I always look forward to. This week, my niece would celebrate her 7th birthday party and my son's 7th celebration would follow weeks after. It reminds me that I should start preparing for my for son's birthday celebration. I really have done any preparation yet. It's just good that school examinations are already over and I can have enough time to prepare for it. Counting the days and hoping that the remaining days would be enough to finish everything.

My son only wanted a simple party. Food, games and gifts are already enough for him. Since we already paid half for the party place and packages, I'll take a note to do the invitation, buy party loot bags and souvenirs, and invite family members, schoolmates and friends by next week. Buying for clothes and shoes would follow next. I'll also remind my husband and my son to get a haircut before the party since it's been months since they got a haircut. Well, aside from my husband's weekly shaving routine, it is during those special events and celebrations that he never fails to keep his face clean and well-groomed.

Most grooming and hygiene items that you can see at home belong to me and my husband only has a few. I'm considering on buying complete set of shaving kits so he'll be more inclined to use these products. Sometimes, having a good safety razor is already good enough for him. But of course, using an after shave, shaving lotion and shaving cream would make his shaving experience more enjoyable.

Since there are variety of shaving products and supplies for men in the market and some of which we're already familiar with, we won't have a hard time choosing what would fit him best. I also heard of shaving soaps and brushes, and these items are something that he had never tried using. I’ll go check on these items too.

Grooming and hygiene is very important for my family. The men in our lives must always take good care of themselves as well. A well-groomed face keeps them more presentable. It also gives them confidence.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.


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