Monday, January 7, 2013

Follow the Signs

Months ago, many homeowners inside our village parked their vehicles on the streets. There's a designated parking building that residents can rent monthly or yearly. Seeing vehicles parked anywhere makes the area look crowded. Nowadays, you can see big No Parking signs and parking signage to remind residents to use the building parking. Residents can only leave their cars for a few minutes, provided that they left their hazard car lights on. It's good that the Condominium Administration had been strict in implementing this regulation. It keeps the community a more conducive place to live.

There are many signs and symbols that we see in our everyday lives - from street signs, traffic signs, safety signs, conventional signs, directional signs and a lot more. It's there to convey messages and keep people safe at all times. These road signs play an important role, not just for drivers or new drivers taking the driving exam, but also for everyone. It's placed on the road to inform, guide and direct the flow of traffic. It also provides direction and gives warning about dangerous road conditions. Not having knowledge or failure to follow these signs can result in serious accident.

Signs are essential to everyone. It is important that everyone understand and obey those signs. It could help save lives. With all those accidents happening everywhere, we should stay alert at all times.


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