Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cold January Air

It's cold outside! It's been a week since we last turned on our room air conditioner because of the cold air. Well, I just love the cool morning and evening breeze, but it also makes me sleep earlier than usual. It's good that our shower heater is functioning well and we won't chill while taking a bath every morning. The cold weather here in our country is still bearable, unlike other countries and places wherein the cold is really drastic.

Like most people living in our country, the thought of snow and winter sounds exciting. However, I can't imagine how people could live in Antarctica, Alaska and Iceland whenever the temperature goes down to negative degrees.

Those living in countries with winter weather usually have home heating system and furnaces to heat their houses. They always make sure that they maintain the furnaces that they would be using during winter months in good condition.

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