Friday, November 30, 2012

Solar Phone Charger Saves Electricity

Having several cell phones and gadgets also means making use of different chargers. Most people I know also have different chargers for their phones, cameras, batteries and others, in their homes.

Charges do consume electricity so we always make it a point to unplug chargers once our gadgets or batteries are fully charged. Leaving a charger on the socket even without a gadget also drives up electricity bills. It’s good that one of my husband’s mobile phone has this reminder message which says “unplug the charger from the wall” after the phone had been fully charged. It's good that one of his cell phone have this reminder since he usually forgot to unplug chargers from the outlet.

Unused appliances plugged into power outlets draw electricity. Even when turned off, it also consumes energy since it is connected to the power outlet. It would be beneficial if we have a solar phone charger for it can also lessen electricity bills.

No matter how many chargers you have, it can still be frustrating whenever you find your mobile phone getting discharged when we need it most. A discharged or low battery cell phone is the worst especially when you’re travelling or during emergency situations. Either you borrow a charger and find an electrical outlet.

Solar chargers are really beneficial when you're going on camping, trekking, and mountain climbing or exploring the outdoors. People who spend hours and days working outside needs a solar charger to keep them connected to their clients, businesses and families.

If you have a solar charger, you can have power on the go especially on remote locations. After letting it bask in the sun, it stores sunlight in its solar panel and power pack. If you have a solar charger, you don't always have to depend on electrical outlets and chargers to charge mobile phones. You can charge your gadgets even without the actual use of electricity. No need to worry about spare batteries or finding an electrical outlet.

Using a solar charger is a convenient way of recharging your mobile phones, iPhones and iPads. It's also beneficial whenever you're at home. Since it utilizes natural energy from the sun, you can be more energy savvy. It helps save electricity, thus saving household bills.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.


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