Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Preserve Old Memories

Nowadays, almost everyone owns digital cameras where we can capture every moment in our lives. Some also makes use of their cellphones, iPads, iPhones and camcorders to conveniently take photos and videos. Several years back, when digital cameras and these gadgets weren't around, we have to rely on the traditional way of taking photos on film and having it printed.

There are times when we look at old photo albums, photos stored in boxes and videos in older formats. It reminds us of how we've changed, all the places we have been too, how our kids have grown and all the wonderful memories we've shared with our family and friends. We smile whenever we look at these past photos. These photographs and videos are all worth treasuring.

Yet, there are instances when these old photographs fade due to sun exposure or other elements. Some have been stained, damaged and deteriorated. We also have outdated home movies in VHS that can be put on CD, DVD or Blu-ray. We don't want to lose these photos and old video tapes. It's always beneficial to look for establishments that can digitize old pictures, negatives and old videos. Considering the 8mm film transfer and conversion to digital will always be a brilliant idea. This way we can cherish the past and have the chance to see them over again. We can archive all these for the generations to come.