Sunday, March 18, 2012

Recycled Princess Castle

My daughter and I enjoyed doing this Princess Castle.

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It's made of materials that we found at home. It's a project that she created and submitted during their school's Math and Science week.

Materials used: box, shoe boxes, popsicle sticks, old puzzle pieces, styrofoam boxes, take-out boxes, soap boxes, decorations from magazines, old folders

So instead so throwing these materials away, we turned it into a castle!

The princess throne is from the scrap shoe box, a styrofoam cup and cut-out from Disney Princess magazine.

princess throne,Recyled Materials Princess Throne

She personalized her project by cutting letter's from the magazine and formed the words - Skylah's Castle. This recycled project activity gave her a sense of accomplishment. It expressed her creativity and boost her imagination.

Princess Castle

Recycling is fun and enjoyable! It is important that we teach our kids to reduce, reuse and recycle materials. It's a great way to make new crafts.


Joy Mendiola said...

wow, galing! nice castle. talented ka talaga anak in many ways!

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