Friday, December 2, 2011

PBA Finalist For Home and Parenting

The Philippine Blog Awards 2011 winners would be announced this coming Dec. 3 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City!

I can't believe that my blog is considered as one of the Finalists for Home and Parenting Category – National Level!

Weird feelings crept in when I got to read the email. Why did the nomination came during this time when I'm experiencing blog drought? Would this bring back the love?

How I wish the judges would let me know what they recognized in my blog or what made them choose me as a nominee. That made me think... yet, I could not discern.

I am more than thankful because some people see what I could not and a few appreciated my small space on the web. In the blogging world, I just see myself as a small fish in the ocean or a mushroom in a garden full of plants, trees and flowers. There's so much I still need to learn and experience.

Honestly, for quite some time, I lost my passion. A phase I hope would soon pass. Blog posts kept running in my mind every day. How I always wish my mind alone can write those words.

I salute those who maintain many blogs and manage to update theirs regularly. That I wish I could do.

Every time I thought of leaving this blog, I look back and remember. And I look forward. Then I realize what I'll be missing. This blog had somehow made me a better woman, a better person.

Honestly, do I consider myself as one worthy to receive an award? I don't.

But then, I remain to be grateful and I will always be!

Thank you to those whom I inspired, who dropped by from time to time and appreciated my few posts.

May this PBA nomination awaken my senses to see the beauty that blogging had once given me.

Yes, I'm happy to be included in the list of great blogs that I also look upon to - The Finalists for Home and Parenting Category (National Level):

A Woman Remembers (
Dainty Mom (
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My Address is Earth (
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The Hippie Mum (

Let me congratulate all the finalists and (in advance) all the winners of the PBA 2011!

More power!


Chin chin said...

Congratulations on being a finalist in this award. You have a wonderful blog. Though I have rarely visited but I appreciate all the posts I have read before especially when you talk about your kids. I'm a mom too with 5 kids and I'm just encouraged as you share your thoughts.

ladyguinevere28 said...

Hi there,

It is so much nice when someone appreciate your work whether its a big or little. With this nomination it made you realize now. So keep on blogging and dont let anything hinder what you have to share and post it here.

We are here to keep on appreciating what beauty you are bringing in this blogosphere world. It may be a mushroom nor a fish but it add to the beauty of our world.

Visit me here:

Thank you


Des said...

Wow! Congratulations! :) It's timely that I dropped by your site's weird how the feeling also came to me today. I'm a sahm, and just found myself clueless on what do I really want to make out of my blog. I have so many pending pictures for posting, but I just couldn't start. Do I even want to continue blogging?! I hope I'll be back on track again...;)

I'll sure be dropping by again...

Best Regards!
Des of

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