Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wear Your ID Badge

Inside my wallet are three different identification cards. I keep it there together with my credit cards, debit cards, VIP cards and different loyalty cards.

I haven't worn any ID badge holders for at least two years. I just use my IDs in exchange for a visitor's pass inside a building, whenever I claim prizes or if a store merchant requires one whenever I make a credit card purchase.

Nowadays, cards that contain chip and magnetic stripes with stored information of a person's identity are already becoming rampant. These are usually used for access and security purposes. I’ve got a chance to use a visitor’s ID card with a magnetic access chip that works as an elevator floor pass too.

Badge holders are important to protect these ID cards and other important cards from wear and tear. Using one secures our ID from loss and makes our ID easier to find if it's inside your bag. Most of these badges are available in different colors, sizes, styles and orientation.

I've seen a lot of wonderful accessories that would make you really proud to wear your school or company ID. Aside from the usual badge clips, badge reels, badge holders and lanyards that we're familiar with; there are also other ID accessories in the market. It's the first time that I've seen these items - Armband holders, Hard Hat Badge Holder and Magnetic Badge Holder - while looking into an online ID Card Printers and Photo ID Systems site.

Since ID cards are usually outsourced to card printing companies, there are some organizations who are already implementing the ID card printing process in their own offices. What they do is invest in  high quality id badge printers and supplies. An ordinary printer won't be enough since nobody wants to wear a poorly-created ID card. Creating their own ID cards allows them to secure their place and protect their business even more.


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