Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meralco Re-launches Its Digital Properties

Meralco website

In an effort to improve their customer relations, Meralco revamped its online services through its user-friendly website, apps and social network sites.

Customers can now interact with Meralco online through the Meralco website, Facebook fan page, Twitter account and YouTube channel. With these online presence, Meralco can better serve their customers to the fullest by providing real time response, assistance and information.


The new Meralco website guides visitors to two main sections:

1. FOR CUSTOMERS - a section that provides the answers to customer concerns including electricity consumption, bill-related matters, and new account applications.
2. THE COMPANY- the section for corporate reports, business partnerships, stakeholder relations, and investor information.

I really find the Meralco E-Bill app and the Meralco Appliance Calculator or AppCal very useful.

With the Meralco Appliance Calculator or AppCal, customers can compute and gauge their electricity consumption based on the different appliances they use at home. You can now compute the consumption of your electric appliances per hour, day, week, and month.

This app can be accessed through the Meralco website, or downloaded from the site as an app for smart phones and tablets.


With the Meralco E-Bill app, customers can access their monthly bills online.

Meralco’s social network pages offer different features:

1. Twitter @meralco provides round-the-clock customer service
2. Meralco Facebook page is the hub for the latest campaigns where you can learn more about the company’s services, innovations, and CSR projects.
3. Meralco's YouTube channel hosts Meralco’s television commercials and special video features.

Aside from these digital properties, Meralco is laying out the groundwork for innovations: Wider Power Distribution, Prepaid Electricity, Meralco Power Generation, the Automated Area Network, and Meralco-Powered Electric Vehicles are just the start of greater things to come, for a brighter future for the Philippines.


Meralco e-Quad: electric powered vehicle (saw this at the lobby)

Visit Meralco's digital properties:

These digital properties where presented during the Blogger's Bright Quiz Night, hosted by Gabe Mercado, last October 6 at the Lighthouse. It's a night filled with informative fun. Of course, I enjoyed the night with my group mates (even if our team did not win.)

photo from Meralco FB page :)

group mates :)



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