Thursday, September 22, 2011

Revlon Professional Hair Makeover

For someone who seldom visits a salon, a hair treatment and hair cut is really a big deal! It becomes even more amazing for Revlon Professional gave me a great hair pampering experience!


Revlon Professional had its Hair Makeover Event and I'm grateful I've got to experience this opportunity courtesy of Jeman V of OrangeMagazineTV!

Arrived at Signature Style in Pasig where several others are getting their hair makeovers too!

I'm scheduled for a Scalp Treatment and Haircut. But since I was told that my hair and scalp is healthy (not dry or oily), I was given a normal hair treatment instead.

They use Revlon Professional Pro You Shampoo to cleanse my hair before the treatment.

Revlon Professional Pro You Shampoo - Repair, Color, Nutritive

Revlon Professional Pro You Repair treat my tresses and took great care of my hair ! It's a repairing treatment that contains Soya extract and Wheat proteins.

Revlon Professional Pro You Repair

The haircut comes next!

thanks Myke of Mr.Mix of Everything for the photo! :)

My hair becomes shinier after being sprayed with Revlon Professional Hair Days Glam Shine Spray!

Revlon-Professional-Glam Shine-Spray
Revlon Professional Hair Days Glam Shine Spray

I didn't get a major makeover and there isn't a spectacular difference, but I could feel a great difference in my hair. I can feel the softness it brings to my hair. Thanks to Revlon's Pro You hair treatment!

Revlon Professional Pro You hair treatment products

Still, with all those amazing hair colors I've seen, I'm already speculating on getting a hair color as well!

hair color choices!

they're going red! luv it! :)

Anyway, a haircut and treatment is just what I need for the meantime... a hair color would come soon. :)

Thanks again to Revlon Professional, OrangeTV Magazine, and Signature Style for my wonderful hair pampering experience!

many thanks! :)

with Myke and Jeman

with Ria and Jeman

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+I love Revlon Orofluido on my hair!

Revlon Orofluido

Happy when the owner told me that a 5ml is included in the goody bag!

It's a hair elixir that contains 3 oils: Argan oil (liquid gold for your hair), Linseed oil (instant shine) and Cyperus oil (pure silk to the touch) Yes it's oil but it doesn't add weight or leave residues. It easily glides through my hair, it feels light and not sticky. Smells like light vanilla too. :)

+This is really cool and amazing!

using Revlon Professional Style Masters Photo Finisher Hairspray!
See how you can style your hair like this is a few minutes using Revlon Professional Style Masters Photo Finisher Hairspray. Her hair is upright but it is not stiff. And you can easily comb it and hair returns back after spreading a small amount of Revlon Professional Style Masters Reset Control. Her hair returns back to its natural state.

Works like magic! :)

+Revlon Professional Marrakech Collection

Through the Marrakech Collection, Revlon Professional reveals the beauty of every woman by paying homage to the real, urban woman- the woman who has the world at her feet.

SIGNATURE STYLE: Launches Revlon Professional's MARRAKECH Collection In Manila

Luca Gradjus, Amber Mitchell and Veranika

Signature Style, the exclusive distributor of Revlon Professional in the Philippines, introduces Revlon Professional’s Marrakech Collection. This new product line captures the style, independence and modernity of today’s iconic woman.

Revlon Professional’s rationale, “beauty is not exclusive, it needs the work of a good professional,” motivates its artistic team to relentlessly continue study and evolve by creating beauty for all women.

The Revlon Professional Marrakech range features three key looks: Luca Gadjus, Amber Mitchell and Veranika.