Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Discount Vouchers Instead? No, Thanks!

Sometimes, Facebook promos can be like this.

Since I was online when I saw this message, I joined on the same date and did the simple mechanics. 

Hours after, I received their message saying - "Where are you located so we can give you the address to pick up the vouchers?"  It means I'm entitled to have the Free Barre 3 GC. 

And I replied back, with ".... nearest The Spa branch is the one at Eastwood. Thanks!"

More than three weeks after, they sent me this message:

Frustrating? Not really. 
Disappointed? Not that much.
Unprofessional? Oh well.

So, did I take the Php 200 discount voucher instead? NO. Claiming it is not worth my time and effort.

I just said, "Thanks anyway... just save the discount vouchers, baka maubos pa for your ongoing promo :)"

I have no idea how many Free Barre 3 GC they have (or IF they really have) or how many joined their last month's promo, when until now, they only have 17 Twitter followers. 

Maybe it's just their false promotion for getting more Facebook followers. 

Just this morning, I saw that they have another ongoing promo where you can get Php 200 discount vouchers from Barre 3, The Spa(?). But, as of this writing, I can't see their wall post anymore. They didn't block me, but I guess, their cleaning it up.

Their profile info states that they are from and are currently in these Grad Schools - Ateneo de Manila University (Class of 2012), University of Asia and the Pacific (Class of 2010) and Ateneo de Manila University School of Law (Class of 2014). They're a team that manages corporate events, exhibits and a lot more.

I give high regards for people from these schools, unfortunately, this team did not earn my respect.

Group name withheld. Negative feedback, in a way, is still publicity.
But, if you still want to have a Php 200 discount voucher from them, you can send me a PM on my Facebook page (and just hope that they'll be true to their words) :)

Posting this is just my way of sharing that sometimes things like this can happen and maybe even more.


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