Friday, June 17, 2011

In Her Eyeglasses

My 7-year-old is already wearing eyeglasses.

Months before the last school year ended, her teacher had seen that her eyesight is becoming poorer already. She needs to sit in front so she can clearly see the blackboard.

She told me that she's having a hard time reading what is in the blackboard and complained that her teacher's handwriting is too small.

At home, she squints frequently and needs to sit very close to the television. Seeing objects that are far away is also becoming harder for her already. Sometimes, she also felt dizzy. Good thing, her poor eyesight didn't lead to poor school performance.

We had her eyes checked up by an ophthalmologist. She had comprehensive eye exams, including the cycloplegic refraction – an eye test that determines her true prescription/refraction. After which, both her final eye grades gave a -200.

We didn't realize that her eye vision was really that high! Just like my case, she is also nearsighted. That's the reason why she had trouble seeing things in the distance.

The school year has already started and she's already adjusted herself with wearing her eyeglasses. Hopefully, she won't have vision problems anymore.

Kid's vision is very important to their development. It is crucial to do well in school, learn about the world and do their daily activities. Treating kid's vision early is the best thing we can provide them with.


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