Friday, June 10, 2011

Go Green M&Ms: The Search is On!

What's your favorite M&M color?

I put the light on Ms.Green!

There is an M&M’s Election going on where you can Vote for your favorite M&M Candydate. Will you vote for Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, or Green? Each M&M'S character embodies their own remarkable and fun-loving personality.

Take part in this exciting and fun campaign! You can vote at and win great prizes from M&M's.

Prizes at stake:
3 Grand Prize winners of $1,000 M&M’s World e-shopping voucher
225 winners of M&M’s Dispenser
225 winners of M&M’S Key-rings 

Contest runs from 1 June 2011 to 15 July 2011.

Vote for your favorite M&M!

Take note that you can only get the chance to win the grand prize if you voted for the winning Candydate. 

I go for Green

About Ms. Green: She's into fashion. She loves shopping, but she is also protecting the planet. She's a feisty lady! She was once described to be strong, smart and sexy! Miss Green is not afraid to use her female charms to get what she wants. 

So if Green will be the people's choice, we'll get the chance to bring home M&Ms prizes! (hopefully)

You can get to know all the 5 Candydates here

Let me know who you are going for!


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