Saturday, June 25, 2011

As The Falcon Strikes

Whew! Typhoon Falcon!
News. Twitter trends. Facebook updates.
Flooded areas, canceled flights, suspended classes, traffic, evacuations.
It's bringing back the unpleasantness of last year's Typhoon Ondoy.

Thinking about knee-deep and waist-high waters makes me shiver.
The overflowing Marikina River gives me goose bumps.
Felt devastated for those who experienced damages under Falcon's wings.
Yet, thankful my family is safe and sound. 

Typhoons are always mean. We can't contend with it.
But we can be prepared and pray for safety.

We might have asked for rainfall last summer, but not like this.
Yes, the rain always helps me think, but not this much.

Yes, I love the cool weather it inevitably brings.
A "bed-weather" making me wish to simply stay in bed.
But then I can't.
I need to work. I need to write.

I find listening to rain drops enjoyable
The way it washes away tears and how it brings hope.
Yet, storms are different thing.

Whew! I just miss writing in free verse.
Here. The Woman misses her blog and countless other things.
Just taking a few minutes away from those hundred projects.
Thinking. Finding solutions.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.
Typhoon Falcon, as you leave, please bring with you the bad vibes and memories.

Oh Mr. Sun. Sun. Mr. golden sun.
Please shine down on me.

Keep safe everyone!
Sending prayers all over!


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