Sunday, May 8, 2011

HSBC Red Mastercard Perks

I've been using my HSBC Red MasterCard for almost two years. I'm a big spender without going overboard, yet a diligent payer as well. My family has used my card a couple of times too! I guess my good credit history is a reason why my credit card limit quadrupled already.

One thing I love about having an HSBC Red MasterCard are the perks, discounts, freebies and privileges designed exclusively for women. My family enjoyed the Free Starbucks drink the most.

They have an ongoing promo wherein for every Php 2,000 spent (single-receipt transaction), cardholders can redeem a Php 100 SM Gift Pass. I already redeemed these SM gift certificates!

SM Gift Pass
Cardholders can also use it to Redeem Php 100 rebate from partner merchants - Bench Fix Salon, Bench Fix Salon, Blue Water Day Spa, Chi Spa, Strip Ministry of Waxing, The Body Shop and The Face Shop.

HSBC Red Mastercard also offer reward points for every peso spent. I never have to pay the Php 1,200 annual fee since I make use of the reward points I've accumulated to waive the annual fee. I can also use the points to redeem other items such as gift certificates, clothes, appliances, cosmetics, and more.

It's good to have a credit card especially when we have to purchase items in large amount.

I love my HSBC Red Mastercard for it makes spending more rewarding!


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