Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fish & Co. Little Fisherians Summer Workshop


I'm glad that my 5-year old son and my youngest sister enjoyed the Little Fisherian's Workshop of Fish & Co. It's just a 4-day workshop, but they really had a great time.

+ T-Shirt Painting Activity

Kids at Art did a good job at handling this activity. I'm impressed that Brent drew and painted without complain, and proudly showed-off his painted T-shirt.


+ Pizza Making

They're too excited to make their own pizza.


My son could finish off this pizza, but he took home a small slice so I can taste the pizza he made!


+ Kids-On-Duty

They enjoyed being a kiddie-crew for a day - from greeting the customers, setting the table, preparing the customer's drinks, and more! They got to try what the crews at Fish & Co. are doing when customers are dining inside the restaurant.

A celebrity, Ms. Coney Reyes, and her family dined in that day! Table for 6, please.


Kiddie crew in action!



Of course, they love the daily great-tasting kiddie meals. The servings are enough to satisfy their appetite.

fish&co. kiddie-meal,kiddie-meal

Thanks to everyone at Fish & Co. Shangri-La for this wonderful learning experience.


Fish & Co. "Seafood in a Pan"

Level 2, Shangri-La Plaza Mall


Mama Mia said...

Aaaaaaaaawwwww....that is soooooo cute! What a very enriching summer workshop experience. I'm sure that they will brag about this in class once the schoolyear starts. I can't wait till my daughter will be old enough to join workshops like the one your son and sister just had. Kakaaliw! :D

anney said...

Such a wonderful experience for the kids!

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