Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Token From The Principal

It's not an award, but this token means a lot. A handwritten note from the school principal makes my daughter beam proudly. I can feel just how happy she had been.

My kids' school principal had given my daughter a DVD copy of their school's Christmas program - Alice's Christmas Adventure. And I'm really surpised by such gesture! It's an appreciation of my daughter's participation during their Christmas presentation.

At their school, all students - from the Nursery to the Fourth Year level - are required to engage in every activity. No one should be left out. It's a way to develop the student's skills in different areas.

During the last Christmas program, I can say that my daughter performed well. She was even the dance choreographer for the Grade 1 girl students. They performed a wonderful butterfly dance and she was on center stage! I'm proud that her ballet lessons paid off!

dancing with Alice
She had a tiny acting part, but you can see her on-stage the entire duration of the program. She didn't mind the heat of the lights, the smoke effects and the tiredness that comes with it.

I know that this small token would always serve as an inspiration to my daughter.


Cee said...

The fact that she performed gracefully on stage is already an achievement. I just could imagine a very proud mom!

Levy said...

wow... sarap naman sa pakiramdam na magkaroon ng bibong anak! great job Skylah :)

Grampy said...

I am sure you are as proud as she is to get the recognition. You both deserve it.

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Crib said...

wow, a note from the principal is somehow rare. talagang proud mom ka talaga cza. :-)

Christine said...

Very good talaga si Skylah. Post na yang video na yan ng mawatch namin. =)

Mommy Arom, add mo din ako sa bloglist mo. =)

nicquee said...

Skylah will go a long wayyyy! I know she will.

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