Monday, March 21, 2011

Summer Starts Early

It's Summer time!

It's the season when almost everyone enjoys taking a long vacation, either to escape the summer heat or have fun under the hot sun.

My family lives in a community where the swimming pool is just a few steps away. I can even see the clubhouse from our window. It means that we can always spend time at the pool everyday! Or we can drop by at my sister's place for another swimming pool enjoyment. Still, nothing compares to spending time with other family members and relatives.

Our summer started early this year! Our family and relatives already had a great time swimming at a private pool in Laguna. Not everyone were around though, but spending time with relatives - especially those living and working abroad - is worth it.

breakfast at Burger King

burger-king, Laguna-burger-king

getting ready




...and more swimming


billiards game


videoke singing

karaoke, videoke-singing

endless happy, funny, and picture perfect moments

Laguna-pool, private-resort-Laguna

Have a great and fun-filled summer everyone!


Grampy said...

It is spring for us. I can't wait for summer. Those are great pictures. The swimming and Burger King are my favorites. I would love to join you.

Anonymous said...

Sarap talga sa Pinas. How I wish I'm back there again with my hubby. Kararating ko lang dito sa US, pero gusto ko ng bumalik agad dyan ....the summer spirit and the temps are now calling everyone to go outside. Whereas here, though it's spring, it's still snowing and will snow more.

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