Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Sweet Valentine

She hurriedly gave me the card as she walked inside the room. She asked me to open it and read what's inside. I said, "Thank You Skylah, you're so sweet!" She then read the letter out loud and gave me a kiss and a tight embrace.

She even reminded my husband "don't forget to buy flowers for mommy because it's Valentine's Day!"

My daughter never fails to make me smile with her sweet words. She loves to create her own card and write me a letter whenever it's my birthday or when Mother's day would come. She enjoys drawing sweet nothings and writing notes even without occassions.

I don't need anything else. I am beyond happy. 
My family's love and their presence makes Valentine's day and each day a wonderful one. They keep my day brighter and happier.

Happy Valentine's day to everyone! Hope you all had a sweet one!


Chris said...

a mommy moment, right there! :) so sweet of your little girl.. :)

Tetcha said...

Our kids have a way of making us happy. Your daughter is so sweet! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

crazyme said...

sweet naman ni skylah! it was nice meeting you yesterday. my little girl would love to meet your ballerina.

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