Monday, February 28, 2011

Jergens Skin Moisturizers

Jergens lotion and Jergens liquid soap

Jergens skin lotion is one lotion brand that I trusted. I started using Jergens since I was a teen. It's one reason why my skin remains soft, smooth and young-looking.

Jergens have a variety of lotion variants that's perfect for everyone's skin. I love the Original Scent lotion because of its subtle cherry-almond scent and the Skin Smoothing lotion because of the exfoliating micro-beads that keeps my skin silkier.

I received a gift pack from Jergens Skin Moisturizers Philippines (Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation) just by sharing this 2011 beauty resolution:

The gift pack contains Jergens Skin Care Moisturizers variants - Age Defying, ultra Healing, Skin Smoothing, Soothing Aloe Relief and Jergens Extra Moisturizing Liquid Soap.

I'll be sharing these with my sisters and my mom. The Age Defying lotion would be perfect for my mom since it has antioxidant vitamins A, C and E that helps minimize the effects of aging.

I haven't tried using the Aloe Relief (so I'll be keeping this for myself). This lotion has aloe, cucumber and eucalyptus. I'll be using this bottle in time for summer; the time when my skin usually gets dry after taking a swim.

Thanks again Jergens!


Mrs. Kolca said...

I've been using Jergens for a long time. My aunt recommended it, but I recently switched back to Nivea. Anyway, Jergens is generally good for normal to dry skin.

rjs mama said...

congratulations! i'm not "loyal" to any skin care products. i usually change brand after every bottle kasi nahihiyang skin ko and hindi na namomoisturize everytime yun at yun ang ginagamit. i am an olay fan though, pero i usually swith to another olay product kapag naubos na what i'm currently using. sori sa nobela na comment ko :D

Anonymous said...

Jergens is a great brand esp. for healing dry skin. But I use the Olay Quench Age Defying lotion. But I find it odd that you get dry skin in the summer. Usually heat and humidity in the summer stimulates the skin's sweat glands to be more activated thus producing more sweat and excreting more moisture from the skin during this season. The cold season, because of low humidity freezes the sweat glands thus less sweating or moisture excretion. Without moisture excreted from the body, the body gets dry. Baliktad...anyway , enjoy the rest of your week.

Tetcha said...

You deserve the Jergens package, Cza! That's a very nice beauty resolution, one that all women should follow for a healthier, smoother and younger-looking skin.

czaroma said...

@Mrs. Kolca, I use Nivea Suncreeen lotion with SPF everytime I take a swim :)

@rjs mama, I'm actually loyal to 2 lotion brands only na laging binibili ko. Yung mga lotions that I received as gifts, I use that naman after I wash my hands... and I actually have 2 different lotions in-front of my PC :)
thanks for the comment. ok lang mag nobela ka dito :)

@I Love-Hate America by Bing, thanks for sharing the info. I haven't tried Olay Age Defying lotion, but I've been reading good feedback about it.
I agree, cold is much worse for over-drying the skin than summer. My lips gets dry and chapped when its cold :)
Excessive sun exposure makes my skin feel dried out, and taking a swim can really strip-off the skin moisture and cause my skin to be flaky too.

@Tetcha, thanks! simple and easy-to-follow beauty resolution :)

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