Friday, January 21, 2011

Safe Keep Your Belongings and Lighten Your Load

Carrying schoolbags loaded with books, notebooks, lunchboxes and other school things can really be strenuous. I initially worried about this before my kids entered big school since lugging heavy backpacks to and from school can lead to neck or back pain and poor posture.

It's good that my kids' school have a cubbie-hole lockers in all classrooms. Each student has a space to place his/her books, notebooks, art supplies, health kits, and all other school things. Books are only brought home whenever they have assignments and during examination days. It makes them more responsible and teaches them to organize their stuffs.

They also have large cubbie wood lockers at the hallway that all students can use to safe keep their belongings while attending their physical eduction class. It is also used to place lunch boxes brought by their family members.

I'm most familiar with the common school lockers and gym lockers being sold at most stores. I've just seen wonderful and affordable lockers while visiting this lockers for sale site. They have different locker types in different designs and colors - from the standard and vented lockers to designer, kids lockers and specialty lockers. If you need lockers at home for your stuffs, a wood locker is an excellent alternative, as it provides a natural impression in your home. 

Aside from security purposes, lockers make you more responsible for your belongings. It can keep things organize and you can easily find what you're looking for. 


Anonymous said...

I remember having shelves in kindergarten. Cubbie-holes in our group working tables from 1st to 4th grade. Individual arm-chairs from 5th to 7th grade. We did have lockers in high school. Then, again, no lockers in college. Weird huh? But that was then. I don't know how it is now in my former schools.

By the way, czaroma...thought you should know that I have awarded you and your blog (along with 14 other mom blogs) with the Stylish Blogger Award. Hope you can find it in your spare time to read my post about it at:

Godspeed always!

- Mama Mia

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