Friday, December 17, 2010

Celebrating the Holiday Season in Style Wave 2

The Flower Collection can help me celebrate in style this Holiday season and fill my December month with much love and glam.

My Holiday Season won't end after all the gifts are opened. Checking out the fantastic clothes that The Flower Collection can offer had inspired me even more to dress in comfort and style as I celebrate my wedding anniversary and welcome the New Year!

I'll add spice to my clothes collection with pieces that comes with interesting details.

Well, it's been seven years of blissful marriage. I'll choose and outfit that would make my husband see the shine in my eyes, feel the warmth of my smile and hear the love in heart. These are the things that he fell for and me made me beautiful to him. Clothes from The Flower Collection will witness our overflowing love and happy moments.

Wearing a printed wrap-around top (Ashlyn) would bring out the best in me. The top's dominant red color breathes passion and romance. Wearing it with black pants (Jake) will make me look effortlessly sexy, chic and elegant.

Afterwards, I'll don a yellow sleeveless, round-ruffled neckline, knitted top with hemband (Cordy) as I celebrate New Year's Eve with my family. It's good that I can easily mix and match items from The Flower Collection. You can see my Holiday Collection Inspired Lookbook here. Then, I'll put on a lovely purple shawl (Tiara) that would add style into my attire. The bright colors are perfect for welcoming the New Year with cheerfulness and full of bright thoughts.

After the Holiday celebrations have toned down, I'll remain delighted knowing that my closet is filled with clothes from The Flower Collection. It marks the start of another year of style.

With it comes thousands of reasons to start my year filled with love and happiness, as I look forward to more amazing experiences and good times in the year that follows!

Don't forget to check out clothes from The Flower Collection.

Have a stylish holiday everyone!


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