Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Two Weeks That Was

I never realized that the past two weeks could be so hectic. I neglected my blog, missed joining contests and a lot more.

It started with my kid's 2nd quarter school exam. Hopefully the did well even if we failed to review for the exams. Stressed. My daughter had been absent for a week because of severe stomach pain. She even failed to take her exam in computer. Good thing, the school allowed her to take a special exam.

Their school's United Nations presentation followed after. Each grade level presented on stage, while the preschoolers wore different costumes. We're all proud seeing them as they perform on stage!

It was followed by the school's Halloween party where everyone got to wear their funniest, scariest or unique costumes. The kids had a great time wearing their costumes.

Our week ended with a Halloween Trick or Treat at Riverfront Residences, a residential community at Pasig City where my sister and bro-in-law are living. The kids enjoyed the trick or treating at the buildings, as they say "Happy Halloween!"

Yes, it had been such a hectic and busy two weeks of my kids. Nonetheless, knowing that they had a wonderful time makes it all worth it.

Thanks to everyone who still keeps on dropping by my blog. Hopefully, I could share with you some pictures from all these events. Have a great Halloween week!


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