Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion

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I tried using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion that I've won from Frannywanny's contest (sponsored by Jean and Rosz) last month.

This is a good sun protection that I can use everyday. It's really light and easy to apply. The consistency is almost watery and is absorbed fast by the skin, like it's not even there. The fragrance is also mild and not distracting.

It's SPF50+ PA+++ assures your of maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays. With breakthrough Helioplex(TM) it can effectively block out harmful UVA/UVB rays and helps neutralize free radical damage. It's also oil-free and non-comedogenic, so it will not clog pores or cause breakouts.

Sun exposure is really bad for the skin. Everyday, and not just during summer, we should protect our skin from the sun to avoid damage and premature aging. Sunscreen is good even under cloudy or rainy skies. Some doesn't want putting sunscreen as because of the thick, greasy and sticky feel that some sunscreen brands have. You can try using this Neutrogena Ultra Sheer lotion for everyday shield.


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