Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting Paid from Odesk

oDesk guarantees payment and so far, I have not received any payment dispute, even from the fixed-price jobs. Every week I've been receiving payments from my hourly assignments.

I've been using my new oDesk Payoneer Mastercard as soon as my old oDesk card expired. I'm using it to withdraw funds from BDO, BPI and Metrobank ATMs, and make transactions to establishments/ merchants with Metrobank logo. All oDesk card expired last July 15 and Payoneer had issued a new oDesk Mastercard.

While the old Odesk card has a printed oDesk in bold letters, the Payoneer Choice Prepaid MasterCard has a combination of gray and blue with the word Payoneer. I'm keeping my old card as a remembrance of my first hard earned cash in freelancing at oDesk, and as an inspiration to enjoy working even more!

oDesk Payment Method

Payoneer and Paypal and is the best payment method for me. I regularly use oDesk Payoneer Mastercard to withdraw cash and make transactions. I transfer using Paypal only if I need huge amounts of cash (thanks my sister for withdrawing my money).

1. The oDesk Payoneer Mastercard

This is the fastest and most flexible payment method. It works like any other ordinary debit card and can be used for online shopping. Withdraw your earnings from oDesk and transfer it to your Odesk Payoneer card. You can load your card within two days or expedite the payment by paying $3 load fee.

oDesk to Payoneer = $2
immediate loading of funds (optional) = $3
monthly maintenance fee = $3 (if there is no transactions made), $1 (if you've made 2 or more transactions)
Declined ATM Withdrawal = $0.90
ATM Withdrawal (Philippines) = Php 150 - Php 200

2. Paypal
This method is cheaper than withdrawing funds from Payoneer. Though, withdrawing the money to Philippine bank takes 5 to 7 working days.

oDesk to Paypal = $1
Paypal to local bank account = Php 50 for withdrawals less than Php 7,000; no charge for for withdrawals above Php 7,000

Other payment methods (I have not tried these 3):
3. Money Bookers - an international e-wallet system based in the UK.
4. ACH / Direct Deposit - lowest-cost way to receive funds for US bank account holders.
5. Wire Transfers - withdrawal from oDesk is $30

You can also try your freelancing career, even on a part time basis, and get paid. Register at The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk


Anonymous said...

hi, would you mind me asking how much you have earned from oDesk so far?

verabear said...

Parang naiilang pa rin ako maghanap ng jobs sa odesk kasi i'm afraid i might not make the deadlines eh. Hehe.

czaroma said..., you can check some of my earnings on my Odesk profile :)

@verabear, give it a try! start ka sa easy projects na kaya mo gawin while FB-ing or blogging :)

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