Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nokia C3 From Manila Blogs

Yesterday, my hubby and I were looking at different cellphone models from cellphone stores. After taking our snacks, my mom instantly decided to purchase a brand new cellphone for herself and my youngest sister.

For a change, I guess it would be wonderful to own a full QWERTY cellphone. I would love to grab this Nokia C3 cellphone that Manila Blogs is giving away.

Aside from the QWERTY keypad that makes messaging convenient, this sleek phone features a WiFi, Blueooth, 2 MP camera, media player, a 3.5-inch plug and USB interfaces. The most important thing is, this phone can be used for messaging, e-mail and social networking. This phone is geared towards usres who wants to staty connected with their family and friends via social networking sites like Facebook or chatting with friends via IM.

Colors: Slate Grey, Golden White, Hot Pink

Check out this phone and other Nokia phone models at

Five Nokia cellphones will be generously given away by the Manila Blogs family as they successfully celebrate their 5th year anniversary. Hopefully, I'll be lucky to win a phone this time!


Kayce said...

i also want to buy that phone! i love the hot pink color!

czaroma said...

@kayce, yes the hot pink is so nice :) join the giveaway so you'll have a chance to win too!

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