Friday, August 6, 2010

Mystery Shampoo: Revealed

Mystery Shampoo, Pantene

For weeks, an unbranded shampoo with a big question mark populated the Internet and TV ads.

Teasers calls it as the Mystery Shampoo, tagged as "the world's number one hair care brand."

I got my sample not from the website where I registered to receive a sample, but from the "I Commit to Change" movement on Facebook. It's a campaign created to share and encourage others to make a change in their lives.

The secret is finally uncovered. It was last August 1 when the mystery shampoo is revealed on a local-network as the new Pantene Pro-V range. It now comes in three variants suited for a woman's hair type and would help solve their toughest hair problems:

Pantene Total Care - Less Split Ends

Pantene Hair Fall Control - Reduces Hair Fall

Pantene Glossy Shine- Tames Unruly Tangles
(photo source: Pantene website)

I've seen the connection that the "campaign" and Pantene created. Everyday we can do a commitment to make a change. As you make a commitment in various aspects of your life, Pantene assures you of an experience of hair transformation in 14 days.
Tried by 150 million across 14 countries, it’s the No.1 shampoo brand, worldwide. You try, you decide.
The mystery is out. The Mystery Shampoo is the All New Pantene range.

Now, are you ready to make a commitment?


nicquee said...

Will we ever receive the sample from the web site? :p

I am ready for a change!

Anonymous said...


verabear said...

When the teasers starting coming out, my guess was also Pantene, because I had seen that packaging before. I signed up at the website, but never got my samples. That's sad. Not good marketing.

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