Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fun Flashing Toothbrush To Keep Kids Teeth Healthy

It's wonderful to capture the happiness of seeing the twinkle in my kids' eyes as they smile and flash those teeth. It always reminds how blessed I am, the same way it reminds me how important their oral health is.

Teaching my kids to properly brush their teeth is not an easy task. It is challenging and it even tests my patience. It's not as simple as teaching them their ABC's. Everyday, my husband and I still take turns in reminding and assisting them as they brush their teeth.

Allowing my kids to choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste had worked for me. Every three months, they look forward to choosing their own toothbrush - from the colorful to the character decorated ones. They also loved the variety of toothpaste flavors that they can choose from. Brushing had already become part of their daily routine. Still, there are moments that they are reluctant to brush their teeth. The hardest part comes when they are in a rush to finish brushing as soon as possible.

Brushing properly prevents tooth decay, plaque and gum diseases. Dentist recommends two-minutes of brushing time, and this is not really easy for the kids. Shortcut brushing can really lead to tooth decay and bad habits, and this is something that I always wanted to avoid.

It's great to know that there's a FIRE FLY TOOTHBRUSH that would inspire my kids to brush longer. It's a fun, flashing toothbrush that lights up and starts to flash, just like a firefly. My kids would surely be attracted by its bright and sparkly lights.

Fun. Flash. FireFly.

Those three "F"s is synonymous to the the ABC's of good oral hygiene for kids.

Using this toothbrush is an enjoyable way of teaching the kids on proper brushing habits. It has a one-minute time that flashes for 60 seconds then turns off automatically. There's 1-minute brushing time for the top teeth and another 1-minute for the bottom teeth.The light would stop working after 3 months, so it would be a helpful reminder for me to buy them a new one.

Kids in the U.S. had fun using Firefly toothbrushes, now the kids here in the Philippines can do the same! FIRE FLY TOOTHBRUSH by DR. FRESH is now available Exclusively at Watsons and Beauty by SM Department Stores.

Firefly Products:
Firefly original (3-12yrs old) Php 129
Float n' Firefly (3-12yrs old) Php 139
Baby firefly (4months - 36 months) Php 139
Flossers (4-12yrs old) Php 125

I'm pretty sure that my kids would love to use a Firefly toothbrush!
Thankful that I was able to learn about Firefly Toothbrush from Mommy Dharlz's blog post. You can also be Fan of  Firefly Toothbrush on Facebook to know more about this fun and friendly  toothbrush for the kids.

Yes, toothbrushing will never have to be boring. It would always be Fun! There'll be no shortcuts and no rush to finish. With Firefly, they would also learn to be responsible. My kids will now brush their teeth diligently everyday.

Now, I am confident that I will always see my kids' bright, white and healthy smiles! And these is more than enough to keep me smiling too!


Unknown said...

Yeah Firefly toothbrushes are really great for kids. My kids loved to brush last night after watching the David After Dentist video

Josh said...

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Unknown said...

I remember I had to sing the “birthday song” twice for me to know that I'd been brushing for two minutes. That's my dentist's instruction to me when I was six. Though life was simpler then, I couldn't forget my toothbrush's design. Dental-inspired text (with actual tooth cartoons) was there as logo and it had a red handle with connected teeth smiling as if they were happy as I brush. As time change and marketing for dentists progressed,
these toothbrush styles were now classic that serves now as beautiful memory candies.

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