Friday, May 21, 2010

Track Municipal Bonds Online

Municipal bonds are a good option for investors who want to make money with low risk. After the economic downturn of 2008, more investors began increasing the amount of muni bonds in their portfolios as a way to balance higher-risk options. You may have made a similar move with your investment portfolio, or you may be considering munis as a way to begin investing. Either way, the creditworthiness of the issuing organizations like states, towns, school districts, or counties, and payments at set intervals can be a comfort when you put your money in someone else's hands.

While the risk is low for muni investing, you may need to find additional tools to help you keep track of your bonds, especially with the need to calculate bond pricing on an ongoing basis. Financial advisors offer this service, but you may want to consider tracking your investments with an online portfolio. Websites offering this service provide a variety of resources designed to make your investing a one-stop shop. Your account with one of these investment companies allows you to create, monitor and evaluate your investments, including your muni bonds.

Other tools you can find to help you track your online muni bonds include bond pricing options, ratings information, systems to monitor your gains and losses, and histories. Some websites provide you with real time trading data and wholesale dealer pricing. Through an online tracking company, you can get information on pricing transparency and liquidity. With these tools, you can determine when to buy and sell muni bonds to get the best yield. Companies like BondView offer free tracking services and quantitative analysis for your entire portfolio, and they offer the services regardless of where you house your investments. While many services are free, some tools may require a small fee.


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