Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy Hands. Busy Mind. Busy Body

The weekend marks the start of my busiest week.

Saturday morning was spent shopping at Makati. I'm glad I've found that red dress I need. I only spent a few hundreds in addition to the Php 1000 gift certificate that I've won last year. Our afternoon was spent at my sister's new condo where the kids enjoyed swimming until dinner time. After dinner, our family drove to check out mama's condo unit.

Sunday is family and relatives get-together day. We spent the day together at the cemetery to remember our dear daddy lolo who passed away two years ago. Dinner was spent at SIS Restaurant, Dampa Macapagal as we celebrate my papa's birthday!

It was a busy weekend indeed, but this week would be the busiest!

+ Monday-Wednesday: My kids examination days, and this means time to review (or maybe a few minutes would do)
+ Thursday: My son's closing program at school
+ Friday: My daughter's graduation day at school
+ Saturday: My sister's big day!
+ Sunday: Maybe I can look forward to this day as we spend time in our hotel room.

All these plus work, start of a new project, and other important tasks I need to do this week. Whew!!!

Still, I can always manage not to feel too stressed out. For me, being busy made me appreciate the value of time even more and I am living a worthwhile life. It's always good to be busy rather than doing nothing.
During a very busy life I have often been asked, "How did you manage to it all?" The answer is very simple: it is because I did everything promptly. ~ Sir Richard Tangye


Chris said...

have a great and productive week!

Liz said...

I ran through my blog roll and I am looking for Pr2 blogs and up.
Sis, I have a great offer for you. Please email me asap at liezl_7m5(AT)yahoo(DOT)com for details. :) I know you'll love it!

Carmen A. said...

Yes, it's better to be busy and productive rather than be idle and useless.Time is important.

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