Saturday, February 6, 2010

High-Speed and Reliable Internet Access

Urban living have given me with the best that life has to offer - conveniences of modern lifestyle, easy access to places, proximity to everywhere, and high speed Internet connection. Born as a city dweller, I've been accustomed to the way city life is. Rural/country living - with its relaxingly clean air, peaceful surroundings, wide open spaces, scenic routes, and more - seems to be the furthest thing on my mind; still, I could not help but dream of experiencing the kind of life there is.

There is indeed beauty in rural living. Still, people from the rural communities continue to flock in the city for a variety of reasons. Most rural communities also have to deal with slow dial-up Internet connection, unreliable access and expensive installations; and some areas have also been left out.

This is interesting news especially for rural dwellers. A new satellite service powers up rural areas which reaches virtually everywhere in continental US. Such greatness of technological developments where everyone will be able to receive connections through satellite. Americans no longer need to suffer slow dial-up Internet access. With wild blue internet technology, one can get connected the fastest way they've wanted to. This service is 30x faster than dial-up with a download speed of up to 1.5Mbps!

Both rural and urban living truly provides a variety of differences and opportunities, advantages and disadvantages to boot. But beyond these, anyone can enjoy high-speed Internet access no matter where they are. And with the work that I have, I can almost say that I can live anywhere, as long as I have the fastest and most reliable Internet service.


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