Friday, December 4, 2009

Top Entrecard Droppers for November

So here's my top EC droppers for the month of November. Because yesterday is my birthday and I am grateful, I am giving each one EC credits again - 150 credits for those who made 31 drops and 100 credits to the rest.

The Way I See It [31]
Trends Finder 24/7 [31]
CAP News [31]
Jean sQuared [31]
Cooking Japanese Style [30]
Cornymans Money-Blog [30]
Wirez and Circuitz [30]
AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles [30]
The One Minute Guide [30]
Mom's Place [29]

Again, thank you to all those who keeps on visiting my blog, reading my posts, leaving comments and posting messages on my chatbox. I might not return the drop or left a comment on your blog, but this is letting everyone know that I appreciate you all.

Hope to see more of you here!


FishHawk said...

Thanks for the credits and the very honorable mention. It has been a pleasure!

klivengood said...

aww..may absent ako hehehe..thanks for the credits again.


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