Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cherish Memories with Photo Books

My first ordered photo book arrived before Christmas, which my husband claimed at the post office days today. I am satisfied with the result and I really love the two photo books I've created at Artscow.

artscow Photo Book free shipping
front and back covers

I've been wanting to create and order photo books here in the Philippines since last year, but I could not find reasonably-priced ones. I came across Artscow months ago though it was only last November that I decided to create one. I tried making just two photo books to see if the quality is good and to know if I would really receive the item that I'll be ordering. Good thing, I did and I am satisfied with the result. It's amazing to see the photos in print and not just in my computer screen.

I made use of the free 8x8 photo book coupons and paid only for the shipping fee plus the additional pages - one is 24 pages and the other one is 32 pages. All these cost me only $23. If I did not take advantage of the coupons, I would have paid even more. 

Artscow photo book is stitch bound which makes the pages free from binding cracks. Stitch bound ones are better than glue bounded ones.

Artscow Photo Book free coupon
inside pages

I still have more photo book projects left to do and I am getting more excited to creating more! Creating a photo book is indeed a great way to preserve and cherish memories.

If you haven't tried Artscow yet, I recommend checking on the site for the numerous prints and gifts you can create with your photos at reasonable prices. New members get to enjoy - 1200 free prints credits and 3 8"x8" photo books plus other great photo gifts credits. Register now as the offer is valid for a limited time only, but there are more great deals once you become a member.

Click Here to register and create your own photo book.


Ms. Marie said...

i love artscow! im still in the layout creation process but i hope to put in my order soon! :]

great photobooks, btw.

verabear said...

how long before you received the books?

czaroma said...

@ ms.marie, I love artscow too :)

@ verabear, I received my order in less than a month :)

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