Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bidazzled Online Action: Bid and Fund a Charity

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine. 

The online action market is revolutionized at Bidazzled. It makes online auctioning very simple. This time, bidding becomes less stressful and you could win your dream gadget while at the same time helping a charitable cause. Bidazzled is created to fund The Ruch Foundation, a charity for lung cancer.

What makes it different from an online action is that you need to purchase a bid in advance, which you will use to bid on the merchandise. With each placed bid, the price increases and a few seconds are added to the countdown clown. This would give other people the chance to bid for the item. The auction ends when no other bids are placed.

Nobody losses in their online auction concept. In case you did not win, you will also get up to 50 bonus bids. You can also purchase the auctioned item less than the money you invested in the auction.

Auction winners save over 80% off the retail price. Also, Bidazzled makes an offer to buy back the item either through cash (PayPal or check), cash and bids, or bids. All bids cost $1, which can be bought in packs from $25. Receive bonus bids when you purchase a bid pack.

It is amazing that you will get 15 additional bids if you use this code until January 15. All you need to do is enter this code- BBP1202A on the registration page, without any cost or obligation on your part. 

There is also a Viral Referral program. Register now and get dazzled with Bidazzled. This time, you will always be a winner!

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