Monday, December 21, 2009

Around the Clock

Time is never enough. It is every December that I wished to have more time in my hands. In between doing my work and attending family events, I have been frequenting shopping malls, toy sales and bazaars. I always find myself looking at the clock whenever I went outside, to make sure that I would not miss my daily works. When at home, I regularly check on the computer clock and wall clock to see how much I still have left to sleep and do other tasks. Every minute and every second counts.

Clock plays an essential part in our lives. It even helps beautify a room, which makes it a perfect home decor. Though I seldom see a home with a grandfather's clock on it, thus, I feel delighted everytime I got to see one.

It is quite interesting that timepieces can also be worn as a piece of jewelry. You can wear decorative pieces of pocket watches as necklaces or pendant watches or a pendant the shape of a grandfather's clock. See, clock jewelry can also be an interesting trend.

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