Friday, November 20, 2009

A Woman Remembers is now Google PR3

My blog, A Woman Remembers is now Google PR3! It was only this year that I've started this blog and a couple of months ago, it was just PR1. Being someone who is not so keen and addicted to SEO, SERP, back links, page ranks, etc. I find it good enough to know that my Google PR changes. I haven't really given much thought about learning all these, but hopefully soon, I will. Right now, I am just enjoying blogging and making money from my blog from time to time.

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Vie said...

Informative post, good job! Hi, I'm Viviana, would like to give you best blog award for your blog. Please check the award from my blog,

Moon Loh said...

Wow.. Congrat for the PR3.. It's not that easy to get and I believe you have put in some effort for your blog. :)

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