Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top 10 Entrecard Droppers for October

The month of October had been a very busy month for me. November would be busier and December would be the busiest. There are just so many things to do that I often wish I had more hours to spend. I always find myself with only a couple of minutes to spend blogging and visiting other blogs.

This makes me really thankful for everyone who keeps on reading my blog, writing on my message box, posting comments and dropping their ECs. I appreciate everyone of you and I hope to see more of you here on my blog.

Here are my top 10 Entrecard droppers for the month of October. I am giving each one 100 EC credits!

Mom's Place (30 drops)
Cooking Japanese Style (30 drops)
The Way I See It (30 drops)
Cornymans Money-Blog (30 drops)
Jean sQuared (29 drops)
Lottery Power Picks News/Blog (29 drops)
AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles (27 drops)
Grampy and You! (27 drops)
Tekkaus (26 drops)
Sales, Promos, Events (26 drops)


Tekkaus said...

Thanks for the 100EC. :) I really appreciate it.

Naoko said...

Thank you, Glad to come by and visit your blog.

FishHawk said...

Thanks for the mention and the credits!!! It has been a pleasure.

klivengood said...

over na to ah! hehe. may credits na, at may link pa. Thanks again Cza. Muaahh!

Grampy said...

I actually stop by everyday. I sometimes get involved with your present post.Also many other wonderful things you have here.I do forget to drop on your card.I have to watch out for that.Thank you for the Link and the EC's

cornyman said...

Thanks for the link and the ECs, i wondered why there where suddenly so many ECs left some days ago *lol*

czaroma said...

you're all welcome!

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